I voice and produce radio imaging, station sound and branding for radio stations/radio groups across the US, UK, Canada plus a couple other countries and continents.  The site contains samples of my work, details on services offered, products I produce for purchase plus “The Producers” podcast.

As of Feb. 2012,  I am the new Creative Director at TM Studios.  I am very excited about this opportunity and will post info about all the cool projects I will be heading up soon!

Prior to Dial Global from 2006 to 2012 I was the Imaging and Production Director for 96-3 KSCS at ABC then Citadel then Cumulus in Dallas.  I loved it there and still have a great relationship with everyone.
KSCS_Short Demo – 3:00 – (Updated 08/29/11) -Edited Cuts, No Time-line preserved

KSCS_Composite – 10:00 – (Updated 08/29/11) -2011 Timeline Preserved, Un-edited Cuts

(VO – John Willyard and Mandy Steckelberg)

Prior to KSCS from 2002 until 2006 I was the Imaging/Production Director, CHR Afternoon Jock, Oldies Midday Jock, Classic Rock Weekend Jock, AM Sports Play-by-play announcer for Clear Channel Tri-state in New Jersey.  I think I may have been their chimney sweep too but alas its a blur.  I loved that experience as well and given the chance to do everything, you should also take it.

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