Episode 20 – Part 1 – Pat Garrett

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Pat Garrett is one of the top Radio Imaging Voice talents in America.  He is heard on over 200 stations and is utilized in almost every radio format.  He gives some good perspective to young voice talents on how to advance in their career.  He also has a background in radio production and that is also sampled here.

Garrett Part 1

3 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Part 1 – Pat Garrett

  1. Loved the interview! I think another great one would be Mitch Craig from Memphis. Used to love to hear him on station imaging back in the 80s.

  2. Hi! got a project with Pat Garrett, good voice! but don’t expect a “hello” or a “thank you” and you’d better be happy with what you get, no alternate reads!!! it’s take it or leave it!

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