Nerdery – wireless laptop-to-tv video feed

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I got this… except I actually bought it at Frys because I was too impatient to wait for shipping.

It is awesome!  It took me a total of 3 minutes to get it to work.  And I expected the piucture quality to be pretty good, not great.  It is as close to great as can be.  Hint:  if you like to hang out and use the laptop in the living room set it to extend mode.  Then you can put youtube, hulu, a not-so-legally downloaded movie on the TV from your laptop and still surf or whatever.

So there are other options out there that use your router and send the signal around the house that way but from what I read there are many more compatibility issues to deal with.  It also can have a lackluster picture quality if it is too far away.  Oh and you have to have have the main unit right by your router which for me is in my studio up stairs and about as far from my living room as you can get.

So if you are into nerd-toys this might be one you want to get…

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