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Pascal Standaert (Radio “RGR FM” Waregem – The Powerstation) with help from Lex from LDG studios (.be) sent in some great screenshots.  These are going to be useful if —

A: you don’t have many Waves plug-ins and want to see other ways to get the cutting, edgy vocal sound many hear in CHR and other current formats.

B:  You want to see more settings in different plug-ins that you can then try in your own radio imaging and/or audio production.

C:  You like tinkering with other peoples settings.

Here is the audio…


You will see a Vocal Chain first, then the Master Chain and  then a phone fx plug-in.


Ozone4– EQ

ozone dynamics, use only 1 band, rest delete

transgainer preset warm vocals

voxformer for more compression, gate and EQ mid

LinMB start from preset “hard basic” and tweak tresholds until audible coloring

ozone 4 EQ

Ozone 4 harmonic exciter

Nomad Pulse Tec EQ  +7db 12k

limiter Voxengo elephant or L2

for “phone voice”

Voxformer from Voxengo or Camel Phat, always with extra compression and distortion

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