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In conjunction with the 2-year anniversary show featuring Eric Chase,  we are launching the brand new production and voice over contest!  Voting is now closed!!!

And the winner is….

Name: Pascal Standaert!!!!! – First Place!

entry 4

Place of origin: Belgium

Where you currently Live: Waregem in Belgium in Europe

Where you currently Work: independent producer, actually as we speak setting up an international Imaging service called

Contact info: / [email protected]

A very short bio: I have been making, programming and imaging local radio since I was 12 years old (now I’m 41, go figure), now I think it’s time to move on into radio imaging full time, so I’m actually setting up an International Imaging service as we speak, called where we (my partner Lex and myself) create sweepers, promo’s, hitmixes and even sing jingles for an international customer base. We are making our dream come true : make a living by making noise !

About your entry: I took the Chase interview and cut it up in words and sentences. with these snippets I created a script that Chase VO’d himself (he never knew but I made him say things that he never did by re-organizing his words)… along with this I goofed around with 2 songs :

Face the Face by Pete Townshend

Spacer by Sheila B. Devotion

… to make them more “chase”-ing

and the I also added some “studio session” atmosphere (myself voicing the part of the engineer) to top it all off …Thus creating the impression of Eric Chase doing a voice-session with me for a promo … with little success.  The session may be “unsuccesfull”, the result is a quite realistic way of how ity could have gone in the studio … and that’s what I wanted  🙂


Second Place!!

Name: Napoleon C. David II

entry 5

Place of Origin: Davao City, Philippines

Where you currently Live: Davao City

Where you currently Work: Monster Radio DXBT 99.5 Davao

Contact info: [email protected] or [email protected]

A very short bio: basically anything you want people to know you and what you do.  What you like about radio, what you have done and your goals for the future.  etc

I am the radio imaging producer of Monster Radio Davao. I do on-board shifts too in the morning and then do other tasks after that, phewww!! I attempted to leave radio to work for a non-radio industry in 2005 but then 4 months into the job, I resigned and came back. Been here ever since and I’ve been in radio for 8 years already. Soon, I want to retire as a radio personality and work “behind the scene” instead. I like obscurity.LOL. If time permits, I’d love to do imaging or voice for other stations not just here in the PHI but around the world.


Runner’s Up…

Name: Barry Steele

entry 1

Place of origin: England

Where you currently Live: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Where you currently Work: Independent. Phoenix FM, TD1 Radio, Real.

Contact info:

A very short bio: I started working in radio when i was about 14 years old when i used to do shows on a charity run radio station. I also was a young drummer and percussionist and by the age of 20 had toured Europe with various bands and record labels but quickly got tired of the music industry. After this i concentrated in my job within the family business and pushed on with my club dj work and ended up playing in some of the biggest clubs and venues in the UK. In 2008 i got the chance to present and produce my own dance music radio show, this came at a good time for me as i had just started a family.

I have recently won the contract to image the 12 hours of dance music for the whole station and a currently voice competition spots and commercials for a few small market stations here in the uk.

Goals for the future would be to get some work for a decent sized station working within imaging production and branding, spend more time working on my own vo talent and just enjoying working within a great industry.

About your entry: My entry was R2D2 and C3po having a robot conversation about CHASE. C3PO comes out with all the pointless information, R2D2 makes fun of C3PO by playing sound bites of audio as jokes….


Name: Brad Beahm

entry 2

Place of origin: Hastings, Nebraska

Where you currently Live:Hastings, Nebraska

Where you currently Work: Platte River Radio, Hastings and Kearney Nebraska

A very short bio: Operations manager for 5 stations and 4 formats. I do mostly commercial production but I dabble very occasionally in imaging and that production.

About your entry: It was our Husker football promo for the South Dakota State game (a division 2 school) after a very convincing win against Washington.


Name: J.R. Schumann

entry 3

Place of origin: Tyler, Texas

Where you currently Live: Longview, TX

Where you currently Work: Access 1 – KYKX FM Tyler/Longview, TX

Contact info : [email protected]

A very short bio: I’ve been in radio about 5 years now. Started in promotions, and have worked my way up to where I am now. I feel in love with radio imaging about 2 years ago, and have had the opportunity to work some incredible VO talents. I’d love to do more! 🙂

About your entry: First, I have to give credit to Doug de Nance! What an incredible voice talent. His read really made the entry what it was. I had a couple ideas about a “Chase” themed reality show – Doug and I brainstormed back and forth and finally landed on the idea of a “Survivor” theme.  Thank you to everyone that voted for us! It really means a lot!


Name: Roy Hall

entry 6

Place of origin: Ireland

Where you currently Live: Northern Ireland

Where you currently Work: Commercial producer for a 6 station cluster plus Home studio

Contact info:[email protected] –

A very short bio: Was born, grew up loving radio, became a mobile dj, became a radio dj, started making imaging and bits for my show, became better at doing that than being a radio dj. Been a full time producer the last 8 years.

Love everything about radio and love producing, you give 10 people a dry liner to produce and you’ll get 10 different versions, there’s no right and no wrong, just maybe more popular or more current or topical.

Jumped to protools 2 years ago, constantly building a library of content, recording shows, grabbing instrumentals and accapellas, movie sound tracks etc. produced a lot of packages for stations here in Ireland, Done a bit for US clients too as well as producing work parts/content for 2 different monthly imaging services, thats something I would love to do more of. Beatmixes a specialty… I think.

About your entry: Decided to enter because it sounded a fun thing to do,  So this was produced on my sort of second back up machine using adobe 1.5 with waves bundle. I wanted to do a chase sequence which I did, but wanted to make it more relevant so I used sound tracks from popular tv shows and movies

first wast prison break

you hear a guy out of breath and the computer saying access denied as he furiously types into the key board then he gets the door open and I had English vo artist Tim Burden voice The Chase Is On, then lots of gun fire and explosions with music from the Matrix providing the soundtrack then into music from kill bill with a few karate sfx

car chase fx and explosions and finishing with music from transformers and a major explosion and a car crash, is he alive or dead, then you hear a faint heartbeat and then another and another finishing in style with Moby’s tune from the Borne Identity and end of transmission static beep type things.



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1st place:

Alien Imaging – The entire catalog of sound design fx!!

Voice – A free one hour training session for the winning entries voice talent

RAP Mag – A free subscription to the “bible” of Radio Production

2nd Place:

TM Studios – Free Imaging Library

Big Fish Worldwide – Free Big fish Workparts Vol. 4!




What you need to do:

-Create, from scratch, a piece of audio production.

-It simply has to deal with, in any way shape or form,  “Chase” – Interperet that as you see fit.

-You may enter by yourself or with a voice partner(s).

-Said production piece must be 60-seconds in length.

-Even though I anticipate a number of entries from outside the US it does need to be in English or primarily understood by English speaking folks.

Sponsors/Prizes: Remember the prizes are awesome this year.  RAP Mag Subscription.  A free fx package from TM Studios, A free fx package from Big Fish Worldwide, free vocal training from and part of the grand prize EVERY single Product offered by Alien Imaging!

Due Date: You must email the finished product to ME, [email protected], by September 20th. (Its and arbitrary date except it’s my birthday, so that’s why I chose it)

Voting: will take place via a third party platform on this site.  It will be secure and fair, but if for any reason you are found to have cheated well, you are a bad person and you know where you are going.

NOTE:  For producers looking for a voice you might leave a comment below.  Vice-Versa for Voice talent looking for a producer!

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