Episode 27 – Part 2 – Sean Caldwell

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….Sean gives a perspective I don’t think we have heard before.

Part 2 continues with some listener questions, tech speak and then a very necessary look at the world in which we all try to earn a living.  I was about to end the episode like normal and then I think something hit me and I thought wait, we might have something good going.  So part 2 runs longer than normal but I think its worth it.

Listen to the end for special deals, sponsors and an upcoming contest.  PLUS we get the first word that the next episode will be a BIG one.  the 2nd anniversary show is coming soon!

Also I (Ryan) go on a tangent about an awful movie.


3 thoughts on “Episode 27 – Part 2 – Sean Caldwell

  1. Very informative interview with Sean. As a listener, I would like to hear more interviews on the topic of the financial reality of the current vo marketplace. This might include both imaging and commercials from both the vo and the producer’s perspective. You mentioned CESD. That would be a truly interesting and informed viewpoint. I doubt they would be as forthright as Sean was.

    With monthly retainers going for $50/month and people offering finished 30 sec spots for a few hundred or less, this business does not appear to be sustainable. There are vo people who think that getting a little more than a session fee with a few thousand dollar buyout (or less, or not even) in perpetuity is a good deal.

    I believe there has been too much emphasis placed on the “artistry” of vo, by people with classes or books to sell, than the reality, that this is a business that is being decimated by uneducated pricing. Is it possible that in the future, every station will be voiced by one person for each station and they will each be paid $50/month.

    On a personal note (not to be a dick) you might want to give a listen to your intermediate a sounds. A little tough on the ears.

    Thanks for the podcasts

  2. Thanks for the comments. 50/month isn’t really in the ballpark at least I personally would never take a job paying that. I don’t think it will be like that for anyone with any legitimate skills/talent. But I guess you never know.

    I don’t know what you mean by “intermediate a sounds”

  3. The intermediate a sound, to be clearer, is the near open near front vowel a, spelled phonetically ae. You have what is called a stressed ae which tends towards ea. For example the vowel a in the word Santa.

    If you can imagine Curly from the three stooges saying Santa, that would be a very stressed ae. It is a regional deviation from standard american english pronunciation.

    It has, to my ears, become quite prevalent among younger newsreaders on tv and radio broadcasts.

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