Episode 28 – Part 1 – Eric Chase

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Eric Chase, The producer behind Chase Cuts which in turn defines and brands many of the great CHR radio stations in America is the guest.  Eric is very generous with his time and in fact helps me deliver the longest, most comprehensive episodes yet.  MANY topics are discussed in great detail including radio imaging, station branding, the past, present and future states of radio production and why Eric chooses to focus on radio imaging when he seems to display so many other skills.  We start with his music background and move through his career which spans the globe at this point.

Remember that the new CONTEST is also launching.  Details are found here, and also in the beginning of part 3.  Also don’t forget that the interview wraps up at the end of part 3.


One thought on “Episode 28 – Part 1 – Eric Chase

  1. This is absolutely awesome!!!
    I’ve been using Chase Cuts for 4 years now and it never ceased to amaze me how many tips and tricks this man can pull out. He is one of my favorite producers and the list is very very short 🙂

    Brilliant job, Ryan!!!

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