Texas Rangers – God Blessed (The) Texas (Rangers)

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Here is a mix of “God Blessed Texas” and Rangers Hilights and fan calls.  Pretty simple but fun!

Rangers – God Bless Texas

I have been hearing that “IT’S TIME!”  I believe that, yes, it is in fact TIME!

2 thoughts on “Texas Rangers – God Blessed (The) Texas (Rangers)

  1. We don’t know Texas, but we are so impressed with Texas fans. They are really a class act. They really support their team at the same time treat us from San francisco with graciousness. After the game many came down and shook the hands of our team and allowed us to celebrate after the game on their field. I never saw anything but honor from the people of texas. We are used to teams like the Dodgers who shout profanities thoughout the game. We leave with much respect for the people of Texas. Bless you all, and thank you,
    Lifelong Giants fans

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