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I have been interested in creating quick audio production demo for a while.  I also happen to be a complete dunce when it comes to anything that deals in video.  I am an audio guy.  So I grabbed the “Wondershare Demo Creator” demo to see how it works…

It is very awesome.  I say that because it was actually the third demo creator type software I tried and the first I was able to make work, the way I wanted, on the first try.  Without going into a tutorial on it I can say you literally just open it and follow the steps, of which there are about 3, then make your screen Capture movie.  When you are done it seems to do all the backend converting on the fly.  It also gives you plenty of opportunity to edit the project, save the project or just publish the project without trying your patience.

Another great feature which I was simply curious as to how I would make it work – screen recording just one window.  Well, Demo Creator asks if you if you want to do this and then gives you a drop down menu containing a list of all your open programs.  You select one and it only records that window.  This has obvious benefits but to me its good because I don’t have to worry about all the clutter on the screen.  I also like to be referencing other files on my second monitor which is unnecessary for the demo.  Now I can leave it all open.  There is one negative factor related to this.  It didn’t seem to be able to record in real wide format, in other words, record BOTH of my monitors.  This isn’t a huge deal for creating simple demos but if I were to do a more complex session demo I would want to be able to record both monitors and then perhaps pan back and forth in editing mode to show what I need.  There is also a chance I haven’t used it enough yet to figure out this feature.

I would say the best feature outside of the actual creation of the demo is the publishing.  It is VERY easy to use but it also seems to be very plugged into the way people would be publishing.  I suppose I would be making simply avi with mp3 audio encoded files most often.  But if you want to create other format videos it will do that.  It will also just post the video to sites of your choosing.

So if you want something that simply lets you record and post without hassle this will work.  BUT if you want something that let’s you record then edit a whole bunch of different elements…THEN publish easily, this would be a good choice.

Go Here if you need to do this kind of thing….

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