Video Tutorial: FX on Fly and No Bounce

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I have been working with the guys at Benztown for a while now.  I am pretty happy with the high level of tools they are trying to offer.  The sound design fx, musical elements, format specific ID’s and all the fully produced shells make it a very valuable resource.  Recently they have started up a Blog to give tips and tricks to radio imaging producers.

I have contributed a couple videos now and this one is my latest…

Benztown Video Tutorial 002: FX on the Fly from Benztownbranding on Vimeo.

The main purpose is to show voice talents an easy way to avoid having to “bounce” their files but also add fx like EQ, Compression etc to their tracks on the fly. The main reason you would want to bounce is to apply some sort of fx to the vo after you have voiced it. Now you don’t have to. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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