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So my buddies at Benztown Branding are holding a holiday contest and it looks to be pretty cool and pretty wide open for all sorts of folks to enter.

This is the main site of the blog.

This is the post featuring all the contest info.

The prizes also happen to include one of the top producer/winners getting a spotmlight on my podcast.  So I look forward to discovering/introducing a new talent or featuring someone we all may already know well.

Highlights include…(FTA)



An exclusive Interview on the Ryan on the Radio Producers Podcast – the most listened radio podcast considering Imaging and Production in North America and the rest of the world. Ryan interviewed guests like Eric Chase, Jeff Thomas, Marice Tobias, David Konsky and many many more. Check out the latest episode.

A skype  Q/A with Imaging Legend Harry Legg (former Creative Services Director WKTU / famous VO Talent and Benztown Imaging Director for Rock). Let Harry listen to your stuff, get his tipps and tricks and learn how he build his sessions from scratch. Learn how Harry made it in the 3 major markets here.

An exclusive post on this blog. Let me promote your skills to hundreds of radio people, imaging directors and producers.

A custom Traffic Bed for your station.

Free Benztown LogIN including 25 free downloads. Let us know your format and be ready to roll.

A free Drone Package for all particpants.

How do you get your gift? It is really easy

just let us know, who you are, where you from and which 2 benztown Xmas gifts are the most interesting to you. To win,  send us (one out of the following, two, three or all – whatever you like / [email protected])

1. Screenshots of your favourite plugINs used in a session and a demo file to get an idea of the sound.

2. A one-sheet explaing your favourite prodcution tricks.

3. A video tutorial about anything considering Radio Imaging or Music Production.

4. A production workpart produced by you (FX, Musicbed, Stager, Drum Loop etc..) and could be used on one of the benztown branding imaging libraries.

5. The phone number of one of the girls above and her fb profile name :) .

This post will be open until Wednesday 22nd 8 PM PST. The winners will find their names on the blog at XMAS. Good Luck!

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