Stutter Edit – Quick First Look

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Hey Prod nerds (like me),

I grabbed Stutter Edit from Izotope the instant it was released.  I had been waiting on this for over a year and can say I love it immediately.  I can’t do a full review yet as I just used it on a basic drum loop for now, which you can see in the video…

…But I have a few thoughts on it.  Some plugs, like Transfuser, on a normal Pro Tools 8.x LE machine “feel” heavy.  They use a lot of resources and bog things down a bit.  Other plugs like Nexus 2, are super light and you can’t even tell they are in the session.  I LOVE both of those plugs but there are trade offs.  The same goes when you use many plugs in a session.  Some start bogging things down a lot faster than others. To me, Stutter Edit is VERY light.  It may be that my expectations were low (I thought it may be a crazy monster of a program) but it does feel light weight and not a big system resource suck.  I know it may just depend on when I start instantiating lots of filters or comps or other synths but for now it loads very fast and doesn’t lag.

You need to use a midi controller.  If you don’t have one then I believe you can paint in the “gestures” into the piano roll but I am not positive plus that way would suck.  This should be fun not tedious.  So get a midi controller.

It promised to stay on tempo with what you are “stuttering” and I’ll be damned if didn’t do that perfectly from the git-go.  I was weary about that.  Basically, I didn’t know how skilled you needed to be to make it work right but I got it going perfectly, quickly.  You hit the keys and cool stuff happens.  I need to start using it on more complex tracks or possibly on the master of an entire song but until then I can say in a simple usage, it works great.

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