97.7 The Wolf: Imaging Production

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Just wanted to post some recent stuff I did.  I have been imaging 97-7 The Wolf  in Utah (Mid-Utah Radio).  Earl Mann is the voice and he can be damn fun to work with.  This demo is by no means a full composite of what he can do or what the station is ALL about.  This is just an example of the average batch of stuff we get.  This is about 3/4 of what was done for March.  Earl records in a professional studio on Thursday’s.  He may also work on Tuesday’s but basically he has achieved the heights of the VO world where he can and DOES set his own schedule.  GREAT guy with a huge personality.  He gave me some outtakes that almost made me soil myself.

One production note I will make is this.  I HATE reverb almost 100% of the time.  But the PD, Brandon, wanted me to get some in there.  He had a very specific vision for the station sound and for Earl’s sound which I respect.  Its always nice when a PD pays ANY attention to station’s branding as if it were important or something.  I don’t hate it on his voice and I think I am using it sparingly enough that it doesn’t date the stuff too much…right?  OR tell me I am wrong.  I can handle and want the critique!

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