Worldwide Radio Summit Awards…

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There is this new Radio Summit coming in April.  They will have awards.  So…I learned I was actually one of the final 5 nominees in the Domestic VO/Imaging category.  Which don’t get me wrong is really cool!  But take a look at who I am up against…

VO/Imaging, Production

Jake Kaplan – KAMP, KROQ – Los Angeles
Josh Ross – WBBM – Chicago
Kelly Doherty – Kelly Kelly Kelly – KIIS – Los Angeles
Matt Anthony – Digital Sound and Video
Ryan Drean – KSCS – Dallas
….so without being modest at all I think I may be 5th out of this group!  Which is totally fine with me.  If you feel compelled to vote for me, cool!
And here is a link to the voting page – I believe you need an AllAccess login to vote but its simple and free.

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