Episode 34 – Part 2 – Stew Herrera

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We continue with Stew Herrera.  Part 2 includes a wider range of topics: Trailer Voice Over, Promo Voice Over and some listener questions.  Stew also talks about what he feels is the most important thing to do be successful in this business.


3 thoughts on “Episode 34 – Part 2 – Stew Herrera

  1. Ryan, thanks again! Podcast sounds great.

    Just 3 small things:

    1) Can I edit out all of my “uhs” and “ums”?

    2) Yes, my agent does do a great job in getting me my money. But my UNIONS, SAG and AFTRA, are what make it possible for that to happen at all. No unions = no residuals and no fair pay scales. I failed to mention them, and that’s a terrible oversight on my part.

    3) The OTHER terrible oversight, was leaving out any mention of my incredible, talented, super hot, super funny girlfriend, Kellie Peters, who frequently provides ideas, funny lines, and voices for my promos and imaging. She’s awesome. She’s also a killer singer and if you’re so inclined check her out at http://www.myspace.com/kelliepeters.

    See you soon!


  2. Stew…great episode. I didn’t edit out MY uhs and ums so…no I guess not 😉

    EVERYONE go check out Stew’s Super Hot Girlfriend… wait… what I mean is…..

  3. S2
    Lots of fun, good round of fun. It’s funny, the day I listened to your interview, I also did a interview, that will go on this week; I’ll put on facebook.

    Anyway, great stuff; keep all this stuff coming this way.

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