Fame-FX is here: ROTR Special

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I have mentioned this new fx service before but now I can finally say Fame-FX is available to the public!  I was lucky enough to grab an advance of the whole package and have already produced a new start-up.  In a word – it “sizzles.”  I really love the combination of quality and punch in Fame-FX.  Nothing is too over-the-top but nothing is a throw-away or filler.  The beds are also something to take note of.  They have given us what will probably TOO MANY mix-outs!  I mean that in a good way.  Every track has about 10 or more mix-outs including just the FX used in the intro or outro of the bed.  Tghese are great to expand potential usage of the bed but also great to have extra stand-alone FX.  Another thing I will mention is the naming structure and categories used in organizing the content.  I find that if the naming of fx is too generic or not detailed, the package could be rendered useless.  Producers do NOT have time to preview every FX every time we produce so the Fame-FX structure helps greatly with efficiency.

ROTR Special: The guys at Fame-FX have offered 20 free sounds to anyone who uses code ROTR when purchasing.  They have an interesting plan to expand the library for its users over time if they hit certain sales milestones.  For readers of this blog you don’t have to wait for the natural expansion.  You get 20 more now.  So I hope you enjoy it!

Demo Fame FX Vol1

Fame-FX Website

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