Pro-Tools Session Template Webinar: I helped!

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So the guys at Benztown wanted to keep up the whole “Pay it forward” theme going and do a free webinar.  The goal was mainly to discuss building templates in Pro-tools.  My buddy Mike Santos was the featured guest along with your Host Andy Sannemann the King of Benz (well maybe not King but one of the big timers).  He had asked me to join the show but alas I was in Vegas demonstrating how to play a WSOP event, poorly, and break even at all other forms of gambling.  Actually, I think I played alright but nowhere near well enough to win which is really all that matters.

Anywho, below is a link to the video which I think will help show there are many ways to create a good template which will both save you time and open up your creative options.  My stuff is near the end and mostly just screen shots but the video is worth a viewing if you are looking to create a useful template.

Here is the link to the original article which I think will allow you to procure a download of the video.

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