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My buddy Stew Herrera is doing something extraordinary and he is looking for even a tiny amount of support from his friends and colleagues. I hope you see the value of his cause and find it in your heart to help, even a little.  PLUS as he says “If you don’t want arthritis yourself” you may want to pitch in 😉  (Its a 525 mile ride…on a bicycle!  Damn…)

–From Stew–

I need to get cracking on a project I’ve involved myself in and I could REALLY(!) use your $upport.

I’ve been riding bikes all my life.  I really prefer 2 wheels to 4, most times.  Well I’ve decided to put my bicycling endurance abilities to the test and join a couple of friends in a monster San Fran-to-L.A. bike ride to raise money for research for the Arthritis Foundation.

The ride takes place over 8 days in September, but I’m asking for your $upport now.  I need to raise at least $3000 to reach my fundraising goal.

So if I’ve ever bought you a beer, if you’ve ever been to one of the backyard parties, if I’ve ever helped YOU raise charity money, if you’ve ever ridden a bicycle, if you’ve ever SEEN a bicycle – or heard of bicycling, if you know someone who has Arthritis, if you don’t want arthritis yourself, if you have extra funds that you wish someone would ask you to part with… or not, if you like having a TAX WRITE OFF every April, please chip in here:

And it’s true what people in my position often say- anything helps.  No amount too small.   5 bucks?  I’ll take it.  500 bucks?  I’ll take you to dinner!

One last thing:  due to computer problems, a lack of available time to work them out, and the stress it has caused, this probably will read as a not-too-well-written, rather ham-fisted plea.  I apologize.  Also, there’s a good chance you may receive this email again (or one similar to it) in the near future.  Please know that it is not my intention to pester you.  I apologize in advance for any irritation.

My sincerest thanks,


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