Episode 37 – Part 3 – Rick Allen

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Rick standing in one of the culverts.

This is the final part of the Rick Allen interview.  We talked about so much and also realized….we talked about SO MUCH!  So we did end up bringing the episode to a conclusion.

Mainly I took things a little deeper into the technical world speaking very specifically about the tools he uses and some of his signature tricks.

I hope to speak with Rick again in the future.  Perhaps my favorite thing is to know that Rick is still so passionate about radio, imaging production, sound design and life in general.  It gives us younger folk an upbeat outlook on the industry when sometimes we hear a lot more negative then positive vibes from the people we work with and for.


2 thoughts on “Episode 37 – Part 3 – Rick Allen

  1. This is one of the BEST Producers Podcasts I have heard in the history of the show. Rick did a SUPERB JOB and as always Ryan NICE WORK!!

  2. Ryan

    This is a great episode – really informative. As a jingle anorak, it was great to hear someone referencing the great work of JAM and TM Studios. Thanks for all the work that goes into these podcasts.

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