Episode 38 – Part 1 – John Willyard

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I am very grateful to be joined by John Willyard this month.  He is the longtime voice of Country Radio.  I say that as an obvious generalization because when you talk about the “sound” of country radio and the station voices that are used, he is at the very top of the list and used by the biggest and most important stations around the country.  John is not limited to country imaging VO but he is limited to country when it comes to radio imaging VO and that’s exactly how he likes it.  He has also been the voice of the CMA’s for 15 years and counting, the voice of CNN and many other projects on TV, Radio, Web and even museums!  I start off his interview with a retrospective of his years on country radio dating back to 1991 (and I may have mis-spoke and said 1992, but it is now 20+ years!).  John put this together for this interview.    To learn more about John visit his site…



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