Episode 38 – Part 2 – John Willyard

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Part 2 continues with John Willyard.  The intro audio is from K-Bull 93FM which he has been a part of for a very long time and demonstrates some of his range and also what a pretty creative PD can do on a country station, if he isn’t afraid of barriers.


I discuss some upcoming content at the end (also the beginning of part 1) but I am happy to mention that I just secured an interview with BOTH Mike Crank and Trevor Shand at CBS in L.A.  Mike happens to be one of my heroes but I will go into that at a different time.

The Next episode features Joe Kelly of AVDeli – avdeli.com  – Joe has been a huge supporter of this podcast since very early on.  He is also someone I had been badgering to be on the show for a long time too.  So everything is finally coming together!

4 thoughts on “Episode 38 – Part 2 – John Willyard

  1. I have known John for over 20yrs (so, I may be a little partial) but, John is consistently happy and his ‘good mood vibe’ is contagious! I think John was being modest with his response to Mark’s question… While a guest at John and Debbie’s house in Georgia, I would stumbled down the stairs in the morning with one eye open (trying to make it to their kitchen for my coffee) and John would go humming by me (all chipper) with a huge smile before heading out the door for his daily morning run… I was like, “You gotta be kidding me”, Debbie’s response, “That’s how John starts his day” 🙂 I am extremely proud to know John Willyard and I have always considered him, “Mr. Feel Good” 🙂 

  2. Great interview! When you have John as your VO guy your station stands out! His outtakes are always special. Ryan…I wanted to hear what gear he uses …I am a gear geek…:)

  3. I decided to stay away from that stuff this time but I will update that next time I talk to him!

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