Interview: I didn’t do it this time

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It turns out someone wanted to interview me.  I think it would be pretty darn hypocritical for me to say no ;).  Actually, I really respect what the guys at Benztown do on the web and with their many services so its a no-brainer.  I won’t say too much about it here except a couple side-notes.

1.  I was pretty long winded.  Sorry.

2.  I tried not edit myself.  I wrote all my answers without over-thinking anything and then swept back through to try and find all my grammatical errors.  So, If I sound like a douche or something you don’t like I have no excuse.  That is pretty much how I think about stuff.

3.  The LONG KSCS demo is the same on my site but, FYI, it is in chronological order from Jan. 2011 to Aug. 2011.

4.  When I said “Nick you were there!” you should be hearing my (lackluster) impression of Chris Farley at that point and get a small chuckle.

Here is the link! –

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