Episode 40 – Part 1 – Crank and Shand

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I am proud to have the duo of Mike Crank and Trevor Shand at CBS Radio, Los Angeles on the show.  They are responsible for Jack FM and KROQ respectively but have a very open structure to collaborate creatively.  You will hear plenty of audio, old and new, and get the inside scoop on their new book, Braindead Creative Help.  There are other books written about production of music and even audio for radio but none, that I have seen, that give the imaging and branding of a station this much focus.  They break things down into chapters that are easy to reference in the future and make it an easy “skip-around” type of book.  I would call it a handbook and I do recommend it.  I start part 1 with the Trevor Shand Production demo.  Mike’s demo kicks off part 2.


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