Who Wants My Job? Imaging/Commercial Production Open at 96-3 KSCS Dallas/Ft. Worth

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I have already been asked by about 10 people and I didn’t know they posted the job yet?  But yes, I am taking a new VERY exciting job which means my position is available at Cumulus.  Please just go to this link: http://www.dfwradio.com/Jobs.aspx  If its not there yet it will be very soon.

I can’t wait to get going with the next step in my career but as it goes in radio (we are all so important, right?) I can’t say what that step is, just yet.  When I can, I will.  I am not really going to say anything about the specific duties of my current job as Cumulus may decide to include other tasks or perhaps take some away.  Either way KSCS is amazing and the people here are the best in the business.  I got here in ’06 and was startled by the professionals and the fact that almost everyone had been here at least a decade or two or three.

I hope they let someone come in and be creative and really dive in to the branding like I have been allowed to do.

FYI:  Dave Kelly is the PD and he is without a doubt a Country Programming Genius.  I can’t say he is the best PD I have worked with because I am very lucky and have worked with some amazing programmers, BUT he is tied for FIRST.  I can say he is passionate, knows the music and listener as well as anyone and is driven to win.

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  1. Ryan are you ever going to tell us what your new gig is?  Its been a few months now and enquiring minds want to know. 

  2.  Sorry…I put it on the front page on the side, didnt want to make too big a deal of it but I am with Dial Global at TM Studios in Dallas.  Its been very awesome!

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