Episode 41 – Part 1 – Matt Fisher

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Its been a long couple months of preparing to start a new job (which I am oh so very excited about)  plus enduring the Cumulus move in Dallas, in my current job.  So, after taking a little time away from talking to the paramount figures in Radio Imaging and Voiceover I am back with a really fun interview. Matt Fisher at BBC-Radio 1 in the UK is the guest.  He is actually one of 6 different people who produce station sound for Radio 1 and Radio 1 extra.  Not only do they have a stable of highly skilled and creative producers in house, they also have the luxury of out-sourcing projects to other great producers.  I tried to pretend (unsuccessfully at times) to know something about radio in the UK but Matt set me straight on a number of topics.  I hope you enjoy it!

Show 41 Part 1


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