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This will hopefully be the first in a long series taking us into the world of producers around the globe.  Mike is a great talent at B96 – WBBM in Chicago and hopefully a future guest on my podcast.  He gave me a run down of what he runs, some demo audio and some great studio pics.  I can’t think of a good name for this category so I simply called it “In the Studio.”  I don’t know about you but when I emerge from the studio after hours of click, drag, slice, trim, nudge, crank, cut, copy, double, triple, cringe, ctrl Z, ctrl S – over and over – I feel like, perhaps I was away from the actual planet of Earth for a while.  My brain doesn’t process things the same way, the sun feels different, regular sounds don’t seem normal and carrying on a simple conversation isn’t as easy as it was before you “plugged-in.”  You simply say you were “In the Studio” and it explains everything very clearly.  So here is the first in what I hope to be many similar posts.  If you want to submit, email me!  [email protected]  You can also include pics of the building, what you see from your window or front door or the people with whom you occasionally come into contact.  From Mike:

I am the Imaging Director at B96 in Chicago and I have been here in some capacity or another for almost 18 years. In addition to my work here, I have recently partnered with Jeff Thomas from KillerHertz and we will be debuting a new barter imaging service later this month. On top of all that I also do some occasional work for our sister station 923 Now in NYC and Jelli Pop (Nationally and in Las Vegas). I attached a composite of some of the stuff i have done for B, as well as a V/O demo. My studio is based around my 2 x 2.26 Quad Core Mac Pro. I have the Digidesign 003 Rack and I use ProTools or Logic occasionally, but mostly I utilize Ableton Live. Some of my studio essentials are my Aphex Channel mic processor and Sennheiser 416 mic. I also have a Rode NTG-3, an Electrovoice RE-27, and a few RE-20’s with Symetrix 528e’s attached. I also have a basic midi keyboard that I utilize when making beds or using some midi triggered efx. If you have any questions about my studio or anything else, let me know.




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