Episode 43 – Brian Lee – Part 3

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Part three concludes this episode with lots of gear talk and more insight into how he has achieved his GREAT success.

Note:  I featured work from Terry Philips at WYCD Detroit.  Brian voices Imaging for plenty of stations but Terry uses Brian as well as anyone.  You can hear a range in his radio delivery just in these ‘YCD samples. Terry is a great producer and voice-talent as well.  In fact while I can’t give details just yet I have hired his services on a new project I have been developing, so yeah, I think he is good.  Another thing to note if you are not that familiar with Country Radio, WYCD is one of the top station in America. They lead the market in total listeners and have literally shut down any competition they have faced.  ‘YCD is a great example of what country radio SHOULD sound like.


3 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Brian Lee – Part 3

  1. You’ve got a slew of promo VO’s searching eBay for the Symetrix 6200 now, for sure.  If you can’t find it, the Vorsis M1 is pretty darn close…  Again, fantastic!  Not every producer likes “black” in place of “room tone”, though, so YMMV on gate settings.  

  2. George…thanks a ton for the info.  There will be many people who find it useful for sure

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