Episode 44 – P1 – Harry Legg

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Harry Legg is now known for many things.  He has been a successful voice for radio and TV on a worldwide scale for some time now and his focus lies more in that arena today.  He still produces imaging though, mainly for Benztown Branding – News/Talk.   BUT many know him as the one-time producer and voice of KTU in NYC.  To me it was a very unique and signature radio brand unmacthed in the format anywhere.   KTU always felt very “New York” to me and we get into why the heck that is (or was).  KTU is still a hugely successful NYC radio station today, make no mistake, but it is very different.  Harry is also one of those talented people that was let go from a very big gig.  He is honest about his feelings at the time, how he dealt wiht the situation and some roadblocks he met along the way.  It happens a lot these days but back then it wasn’t as commonplace, making him an example of how hard work and focus will keep the cream rising to the top.  Check out more about Harry at www.HarryLegg.com


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