In the (Car) Studio: Jeff Berlin

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After I interviewed Brian Lee I got a bunch of emails saying how awesome he is, which is true but one thing that stuck out was the reaction to his talk about doing VO in his car…out behind a restaurant…for major clients.  These days lots of people have a mobile rig of some sort, even me!  But seriously this isn’t new.  Harlan Hogan has been selling the super simple yet super effective portabooth for long time (mentioned below) and there are simple ways these days to bring your “gear” with you when you travel.  Personally, I think Brian’s stood out most because this is a guy doing work on the biggest platforms (NBC, Trailers, my podcast, etc) and he still can knock it out in the back of his SUV without anyone being the wiser .  So I emailed a guy who puts up with my emails my good pal Jeff Berlin to ask him about some processing.  He mentioned that he recently upgraded his car studio (inspired by my brilliant interview of course).  The info follows with pictures and some audio examples from the back of his ride.

Car setup was a 416 mic, ULN-2, ProTools 10 on a MacBookPro, recording to an external disc, with a NanoKontrol2 to record enable/start/stop.      Read off an iPad with Verizon Wireless 4G – which doubled as a super fast internet hot spot.      Strapped the Mac to a table in the back seat, put the mic in a Harlan Hogan Portabooth Pro with a moving blanket over it.    Read off batteries, then recharged with an inverter.   Had to pull over at every rest stop to record, so the 3 hour drive took more like 4 hours.

I have a bunch of mobile rigs, but this was my beefiest ’cause I didn’t tell any clients I was taking off and needed it to sound OK.      I actually have a rig for when I’m mountain biking – an Apogee MiC and an iPhone!
The files were for the Enrique/JLo tour spots running in Boston and New Jersey (NYC).    They use the filtered setting, but I always send it unfiltered as well, just to be proper.

Then some funny/interesting pics of his indoor setup.

Here’s something that worked surprisingly well – did this when I was on vacation in March:

If you have cool studio setups or just want to share some tricks please send them my way!

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