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As I await my new site to come online, thus putting a temporary pause on podcast episodes, I have a brand new “In the Studio” post for your eyes and ears.  Anthony Mendez is a very accomplished, bilingual, Voice Talent who has given us a peek inside his world. Listen to his demos and you may find you have already heard him before.  Check out his setup and you may find it looks a lot like yours!  He gave me a pretty extensive rundown of what we are seeing…

The studio pic I sent you with the Control24, was my old studio in Jersey City. Once I got LA representation, I didn’t want to stay there late, so I moved everything home. But, in order to avoid building out *and* putting it in our bedroom, i had to make it look like a bedroom and *not* a studio. You’ll see from the pictures below, that I no longer use a vocal booth (you couldn’t pay me to get into another 4×4 space after working this way now.) I placed the mic in front of a closet and used the top shelf as a “diffusor” by using books and DVD cases of varying sizes. The clothes, hung right below and covered with – oddly enough – an HLN snuggie I got from one of my producer friends at CNN, works as absorption and a simple bass trap of sorts with other heavy blankets behind the hung clothes and on the floor of the closet. When I work, I obviously have the door open, and so, in order to avoid reflection, I lined the door with a heavy blanket and hung over it a baby “bundle.” Those things are super heavy and it works great! Not to mention, it reminds me of when my oldest daughter was a baby (they grow so fast!) When I’m done, I move the mic next to the table and I can close the door and take down the snuggie – BOOM! Back to a closet. I should put a Transformers sound effect on the door. That would be awesome (for me – not my wife.)

The table, as you’ll see in the pic, is an old, solid wood table that I picked up at the Salvation Army. I didn’t want a studio desk because, again, I want it to match the room decor and still feel warm (not institutional) next to the dresser. Plus, because it’s not isolated, I wanted a solid, heavy piece of wood furniture to minimize vibrations. Some of those studio desks can be quite hollow and the wood very cheap.

As you can see, I still use a Digi 001 (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.) Either because I don’t have time to upgrade or because I don’t know any better. And an Power Mac G4 733MHz. I never felt the need to upgrade it, since I no longer do production and only record one track. Not to mention, I have a few thousand dollars worth of plugins I don’t feel like upgrading or buying again. In that rack, you’ll see the Avalon 737, and – my trusty friend – a Behringer Composer Pro MDX-2200 which I use as an expander/gate. At the top of the SKB case, I have my Telos Zephyr ISDN box and a Symetrix 286A as a backup that was gifted to me by my close friend and colleague, Kevin Genus.

Here is a gallery of pics from Anthony…

…And here is his main promo demo…


…More audio and booking info can be found on his site. I think he gives us a very clear example of “do what works for you” and don’t worry if it “looks” expensive.  The final product is all that really matters.  Thanks to Anthony for this inside look and his future time when he is a guest on the podcast!  It will happen!

Send me your “In the Studio” information. I would love to show the world how/where you work.  Back of a trailer, closet, 75th floor of an L.A. high-rise or military bunker a mile below the earth’s surface.  We want to see it!

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