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This is from my email list.  If you would like to get very rare email updates about future guests and posted episodes shoot me a message…

Hello!  Well its been a fun few months for me finding my way around my new “day job,” blogging more often (blog now easier to access on my new site) and redesigning my website (as mentioned a few words ago).  Actually, I did not do the redesign myself as much as I paid someone to do it for me.  AMERICA!  Anywho, I hope you get a minute to check it out and tell me your thoughts, if any.  Obviously if you see anything broken, busted or backwards let me know!

Upcoming: I have three guests I can confirm for sure right now.  Harry Legg, the ultra-talented VO and producer working for the man (himself) and other outlets will be the very next person I speak with.  Get your questions in for him by Friday AM.

Matt Nokolic, the ultra-talented producer at the Today Network in Melbourne (FoxFM and Triple M to name a few!) will be right after that.  Please get me questions for him by Monday.

Both are highly requested so I am very much looking forward to our chats.  Of course if you can think of other guests or prominent VOs or Prods out there I MUST speak with send em my way! 

Also, Dave Bethell is a great producer of all things awesome in London.  That episode is recorded and will be released once he says his new music project is a go!

PS…I am almost ready to let everyone in on my new project with TM Studios (yes I am excited) but I will mention that on my blog
and in podcast form when it’s official.  I won’t bombard your email with that.

Have a great week!

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