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As I have mentioned in the past, when at all possible, I try to pass along potential job openings.  This one could be pretty awesome.  There is someone at Sirius XM MOST people reading this will already know plenty about, Mitch Todd.  He is the Senior Director of Production (Music Programming) which means he is the MAN, or one of them, when it comes to station sound and marketing at SXM. We were mid-chat (setting up a future interview for my podcast) during which he mentioned he is looking for some unique production folks in NYC. He says the pay is good and environment is awesome for creative people.  So without further delay here is some info and how to contact him…

What he wants:   Imaging Producer – Music Programming.  A Young OR Veteran talent who is creative, driven and innovative with fire!  You are going to be doing a lot of different things so the job will probably be pretty interesting.  MUST use Pro Tools.

I am sure you will find out more after you inquire. Email him at [email protected].  FYI – I am just passing along the message so I can’t be of any further assistance on this.

Good luck and thanks in advance to Mitch for his future time on my podcast.  After chatting with him I know it will be a good one!

3 thoughts on “Sirius XM Imaging Producer Gig

  1. Mitch hired me as a young prod talent in CLE at oldies WMJI. Then a few years later when he returned to CLE from DET (KRock) he had me join him at crosstown sister station legendary rock WMMS. Mitch is top notch and recognizes talent. WMMS and the other CC CLE stations included Jonathan Brown-Tea, Matt Anthony., AJ Allen, Brian Mack and myself.

    But beware.. Mitch doesn’t like to wear shoes. Then again… if you have a foot fetish…. 

    Oh… and don’t call him Uncle Buck 😀

  2. Oh… and also Andy Safnauer (Longtrain Productions) cut his teeth under Mitch and someone named Brian Cooney (?) (j/k!!!) also spent a few cups of coffee at WMMS under Mitch. As well as current WXYT/AM Detroit PM drive Doc Thompson (and Glen Beck fill in). Doc started out doing production. 

  3.  Yes…I can’t believe how much talent has spewed out of that market and even just those stations.  Thanks Chuck! (you included for sure!)

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