Dave Bethell: Big String Beats

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While I am salivating at the idea of being in Vegas (I land in 18 hours or so) for at least 50+ hours of pure no-limit tournament hold ’em, and some needed decompression, I wanted to post something VERY cool before I left.  This also happens to be a preview of the next podcast guest, Dave Bethell.  This interview has been in the can for a few weeks but I wanted to wait to post it until I had final audio from his latest release, Big String Beats (featured below).  I do and his latest is ready to roll out to our lucky UK…and, well,  non-american producers.  Things work very differently in the UK when it comes to production music as we will learn more about in a week or so.  Actually my pre-planned trip to Vegas has delayed Dave’s episode a little extra but believe me it will be well worth the wait.  So check out the preview video if you like things that are awesome.

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