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I had to look up how to spell the word ‘Pas’ in Faux Pas but I also realize that I don’t really need the word ‘social’ in the title as just writing the words Faux and Pas accomplishes that. But I digress.  I don’t typically just blatantly post other blog articles without some obvious connection to my blog or my readers but this time I think the story is fun and interesting and EVERYONE who actually holds down a job and participates in social media should be able to relate.  Another great post by my friends at Earshot Creative.  So read on about BBC Radio 1, an F-bomb and the reaction that ensues…


Imagine the situation – you have over a million Facebook fans on your Facebook account and you’re holding one of the biggest events in the music calendar this weekend .. the Hackney Weekend! It’s a perfect environment to create lots of exciting communication and content on your social media space – whether that be secret backstage gossip with Calvin Harris or video from Jay Z’s performance.

Then, all of a sudden, you send out this Facebook status update – which includes potentially offensive language as you will see if you click the image below:

Oh no!  You can imagine thousands of messages followed suit and, unfortunately, the problem with social media is when the damage has been done, it can be out there forever. Its clear that this what a genuine mistake from the social media team at BBC Radio 1. With such a large workforce split between four stages running a live Radio, TV and six camera online broadcast – its inevitable that mistakes can be made – albeit even with a massive production resource and budget that most radio stations would be envious of by miles.

In Radio One’s credit – a message followed immediately afterwards apologising for the mistake. Reading some of the comments on the mistake show that some listeners actually  found the gaffe amusing and actually showed the radio station very ‘in tune’ with the listeners for the honesty. The other thing to remember is that only a small majority of the audience will have seen it and the shares have really only happened within a small circle too – its unlikely to have affected the entire 11m listeners the station gets each week.

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