Tutorial: Multiple Tracks, Different FX,Same Voice Over

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From time to time I try to create some good (or perhaps just slightly useful) tutorial videos.  I have been amping up my imaging voice over business lately.  I have multiple clients that like me to send the read in multiple filters each time.  In fact, I know Jeff Berlin mentioned this type of thing a long time ago so recently I did a video.  To be honest, my studio at TM in Dallas is Mac based so I got Camtasia and wanted something to test it out.  I used this as a topic. BTW, Camtasia is pretty damn awesome.  OK, here we go.

Multiple Tracks. Multiple Types of Filters – One read:

So basically what you want to do is voice the copy once and end up with one, two, three or more “differently effected” versions of that same VO.  You apply all the filters and processing on the fly so there is no manual work once you are done.  Some guys don’t offer this because they are simply too busy or don’t have to.  Others may consider this added value for their clients or a way to “over-deliver.”  Either way if you are doing voice over with pro tools this may help you ratchet up your workflow and output.

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