Best Paid and FREE Plug-ins: Submitted

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I created this post about great audio plug-ins by picking the brains of the talented producers, composers and engineers in the same building as me.  So after a little time and a lot of great feedback, I have compiled part two.  Below you will see some more paid and free plugins submitted from around the web and the world.  I know, for instance, Lou Medina here at TM and I tried out the Massey Plugs and while they cost $ for the full versions, the “demos” are functional and seem to be well worth a try.  Mentioned twice in feedback below.  Please comment below if you have more to add!


Gabriel Passajou
I would add the Blue Cat plugins. All free and one of the best spectrum analyzer ever.


Kevin Genus
Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter — When you want clean, this is the answer.
Waves C1 — Clean, simple. It is a compressor, gate, expander, it is the Swiss Army Knife of plugins.
iZotope Ozone 5 — There is no easier way to bring it all together. The loudness metering is awesome.All paid


Jay Shields
Hey Ryan, try these..


Jay Smith
Ryan, this is one I LOVE and use on a daily basis!


Gavan Bruderer
Haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks cool 🙂 I’ve heard this company mentioned a few times in various podcasts. Might be worth a look
Our new compressor plugin is totally FREE! Got yours yet?
Jeff Berlin
Great page Ryan ! Off the top of my head the Kush UBK-1 is an awesome compressor (paid)

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