Facebook Email: How to Change it

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A lot of us use Facebook for sharing crap, others use it for looking at crap but still others use it for legit networking and actually acquiring gigs!  I assume by now you noticed Facebook changed (hid) any non-fb emails you had posted.   If you had yet to notice that, go look, they did.  There are a few reasons why you would want to have a non-fb email posted there but mainly if you have set your notifications to “don’t bother me!” you may not get notified if someone with actual $$ wants to make contact with you.  Also, I notice that email alerts from FB can be delayed sometimes.

SO, with that said you may want to add back in the Gmail or the Yahoo (if you were too lazy to switch to the superior Gmail) or AOL (if you are old)…

-Go to your profile

-Click Update Info

-Click “edit” next to Contact Info

-You will see the @facebook email address.

-Click the down arrow and select “Hidden from Timeline.”  Or not.  This is also where you can add, delete, un-hide and edit your emails.

Again, I don’t know that you have to do this especially if you still allow FB to send you emails when you get a message but I added my gmail back in just in case.

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