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Quickie of the day:  I saw this and at first went, “great YET another way to get audio into a phone.”  BUT this one is Bluetooth and made by JK Audio.  These days we are able to use audio in so many different ways insofar as we have many digital tools to tweak it, smash it, expand it, broadcast it, set it to music, share it, etc etc.  I have a bought a few simple “phone” recording devices over the years and I have so far been disappointed almost every time.  This one is interesting to me because its balanced audio on the input (from the source) and the output is the widely used Bluetooth, NOT iphone cable or USB or ANY cable at all.  I can take the output of this to an iPhone, Android, iPad, XOOM, Computer, Laptop, or anything that receives Bluetooth audio.  Now beware that I have heard Bluetooth may be going the way of the HD-DVD but I don’t think all that quickly.  I have not tried it but hope to do so at some point.  (perhaps through a company expense report?) So…check ‘er out and if you do have one or get one, let me know!!

Here is a link to my friends at  They are right down the street from my house so I have literally walked into their warehouse and purchased stuff even though they have no storefront.  They are cool like that.

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