Jim Asker: Running to Cure Cancer

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This is something I SHOULD have written about much sooner than NOW.  BUT I am glad I am able to promote a GREAT cause.  Jim Asker, Country Editor at All Access, is a cancer survivor and very active champion for a cure.  I will not flood this post with too many of my words except to say that Jim and others with Team in Training are raising money for an important cause and I hope you find time to check it out and donate!


The Main Blog and Info:   http://www.runningtocurecancer.org/

Jim’s Blog with some very interesting and compelling posts: http://www.runningtocurecancer.org/author/jasker/


…Most importantly, please consider making a donation–we will be running the New York Marathon–along the way, we will be trying to raise $100,000. We’re running for Team In Training and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society–all of the money raised goes to cancer research. In other words-we are “Running to Cure Cancer!”

Will you help us by clicking the button to donate?  Every dollar helps!

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