Tutorial: Vocal Spread/Stereo FX

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I have used this in my template for years and may have shown it in other tutorials but I wanted to show you how to (and easily) set it up in your template.  The idea is to create a few extra tracks, do some settings tweaks and add some plug-ins so that in the future you will have a slew of commonly used vocal tricks, instantly.  I would say this isn’t the MOST basic of tricks but it is pretty easy.  Production 102 (if not 101).

I wanted to point out that I am really trying to be less winded when I do these.  So hopefully you felt like I made efficient use of your time.

Extra Effect:  One thing I didn’t mention that this little trick allows you do:  Triple the VO like shown in the video. Fade IN the left  and fade OUT the right at the same time. So the Left and right tracks look opposite.  Now you get that cool R to L pan effect, instantly.  No screwing with Pan envelopes or manually moving audio around.  Also, since the middle track remains there this R-L pan effect is subtle.  To decrease its subtlety just decrease the volume of the middle track.  BUT remember that a strong difference between GOOD prod and BAD prod is sometimes a simple matter of subtlety.

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