BBC Radio 1 Opening

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I am rather late on all things BBC Radio in the UK.  I don’t live there and there is a LOT of radio to be heard in the states.  But I always liked Chris Moyles and I love BBC Radio 1.  Today, I hear  he is leaving the station and Nick Grimshaw will be taking over Breakfast.  I also hear (very late) that they are looking for an imaging producer.  Here is a link to a PDF explaining everything. Of course the Due date is August 15th and in my experience, in these profile positions they knew who they wanted and who they would hire before they hit save on the aforementioned pdf, but still fun to try if you want.

I was curious and after a google search see all the stories about him stepping down.  I know from my podcast, speaking with Sandy Beech and others Chris had a VERY long run in the morning chair compared to his predecessors.  Then I saw this article…HERE…and HERE…which claims he will move to nights.

Anyway…Good luck to anyone and everyone involved.  And whoever gets the new Breakfast Imaging gig on Radio 1, I’d like to chat on the podcast when you come up for air.

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