In the (Road) Studio: Simple, Clean Voiceover in a Bedroom

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I hope my video editing skills do not draw your attention away from the brilliant themes I am bestowing upon the public with this video.  No, that is not the same camera James Cameron used in Avatar.  No, the VO is not Morgan Freeman.  And no, I was not shooting inside the White House, though I understand how all of this can be confused.  Actually this is a just a simple video I made just after doing some imaging VO.  Someone asked me what I take on the road as the final product does sound pretty clean.  Surprisingly clean.  Below find the actual types out specs of what I have here and how I use it.

First, the keys to your surroundings:

  • Be in a larger room.  The smaller the more chance for slapback
  • Be in a room with lots of cloth-like things ie clothing and padded furniture
  • Speak in front of something padded like the back of a rocking chair
  • If you only have an echoey mess of a room then cover yourself with a comforter or big thick coat
  • Closets can work too I just don’t like trying to work inside them

My Equipment list: 

  • Laptop Computer (specs vary on software you want to run)
  • Sennheiser 416 Mic
  • Mic Stand
  • Pro tools
  • Mbox Mini
  • Waves AudioTrack Plugin
  • USB Cable
  • Headphones


USB Splitter for your ilok and elicenser etc for production

Now the audio file I cut.  It was just a slogan change for a station I voice.


As always I would love to see what you rock whilst traveling.  There are better options for sure, so show us!  Contact form in the menu.

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