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You can slot this post into the FYI category.  A new service launched recently and as a guy who makes his living speaking and generally making noise I figured I would check it out.  Its called TalenTrax.  I created an account, setup my page and had it rolling in no time. OK, honestly I have seen many “voiceover” sites that allow you to get things going rather quickly, and for free, but offer very little in return.  This site, like others, also offers a paid option.  But I am not one to just blindly throw money out there.   With so many other options I think the waters are pretty muddied.   I still make my living 90-95% through word of mouth or on my own in some way shape or form so I wanted to know more.  That’s my original unbiased take.  BUT I like that you are pretty visible on this site right out of the gate.  It was also pretty simple to use. But primarily I am just looking forward to seeing it develop. There are other reasons to check it out but here is a quick interview I did with the owner…Then you can decide!

Tell us a little about yourself. Name, Location, Career Background, current jobs, skills etc etc

Michael Raffety, currently the operations manager of TalentTrax.net based out of Los Angeles, where I help connect radio with talent.  I’ve been working in radio since high school in Dallas, Texas.  I’ve held many different jobs through the years, on-air, production, promotions, and show producing.  I got my Mass Communications degree at Texas State University (go Bobcats!) and worked as a morning radio show producer in Austin for awhile.  I moved to Los Angeles in 2000 to “live the dream” and worked as a morning show and talk show producer at different stations.
TalentTrax.net seems very well put together and I will say it was easy to get myself listed and posted very quickly. It seems like there are other sites that already basically put talent and employers together. Are you filling a void that exists?  Or maybe, what sets you apart?

There are job marketplace sites that are wonderful at providing access to voice actors and businesses looking for voice over production.  TalentTrax.net focuses on the radio industry in particular.

A radio programmer or station (over the air or online) is unique in that they need to find not only voice over talent for recorded spots, but voice tracking talent who have on-air experience.  They’re also looking for station imaging voice talent and audio producers who are skilled at producing radio station imaging, branding, and sound design in particular.
Our goal is to connect radio with talent who possess these skills that are unique to radio.  TalentTrax.net provides a quick and easy way for radio programmers to find and contact on-air, imaging and voice over talent, as well as the audio producers who can image a station with ID’s, sweepers, and promos.

As I am now one of the “talent” on your site, my main interest would be how you attract traffic from decision-makers and those that hire to the site?

Our marketing includes advertising in radio trade publications, newsletters, and websites, industry trade show participation, as well as online search optimization and advertising, targeting radio programmers (over the air and online radio stations).
Tell me some other advantages you hope to offer your free members.

The main advantage is a free listing in the talent directory where you can upload an audio demo.  Radio stations will search this directory and can contact you if they’re interested in your talents.  We will soon be publishing a newsletter for all talent, providing tips, advice and show prep ideas for on-air shifts.
Now sell me on buying the paid membership.  Why would this have value or simply why should I pay for it?

If you choose to become a premium member, you’ll receive a lot of extra benefits.  You can upload up to 10 audio demos, allowing you to showcase your different skills (on-air demos by format, commercial vo, imaging vo, imaging production, etc.).  You get more exposure to radio – your premium listing will be highlighted and listed above free listings in search.  You’ll have access to the radio station job/gig postings, and the ability to apply directly to the job posting.  You’ll be able to reply to quote requests and correspond with the radio stations who contact you.  You’ll be able to upload video to your listing, further promoting your talents.
What do you hope to do as time moves on?  Can you reveal any future plans or goals?

Right now we’re focused on building awareness in the radio industry and providing a quick and easy way for radio programmers to find and connect with talent.
Bonus:  What is the meaning of life?

Instead ask, “what gives your life meaning”?  When you answer this question, the first question is no longer necessary.
Bonus2: Number 1 tip for people signing up to make the site work better for them.
Radio stations know exactly what they’re looking for when they conduct a search.  Make it easy for them.

Create a profile that says exactly what you can do and offer a radio station, and back it up with your audio demo.  If your listing says you’re an on-air talent experienced in Rock, provide an on-air demo of you dj’ing a rock station.  If you’re listing says you’re a radio imaging producer, provide a demo that plays your best station sound design work.  If you’re listing says you’re a morning show host or a talk show host, don’t put up a commercial demo, put up a demo of a morning show bit or talk segment that is captivating or engaging.

So thanks to Mike and if you want to check it out the link is here – http://www.talenttrax.net/

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