Video: Social Media for the Media Professional

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“Social Media” is this new thing where we are supposed to gather all our friends in one place and share stuff.  Yeah, now you know.  Actually, in a short amount of time it has become this sort of all encompassing, perhaps intrusive at times, living breathing thing that in my opinion way to many professional communicators are terrible at using.  That’s a bit harsh but seriously there are some awful facebookers out there.  OK,  all that said its also become this avenue for people and companies to market themselves and over the last few years people have tried, at times effectively, to build an actual brand for themselves.  I have seen many conferences on how to effectively market on twitter, facebook et al and again some did it well but times have changed.  Networks change, algorithms change, the people behind the scenes change and effective forms of communication change.  This video should act as a refresher on what you should think about the next time you “market” yourself on a social network.  I tried to steer the conversation toward the sole proprietor but some lessons and strategies work on any level.

THANK YOU to Lori Lewis of Jacobs Media for her time and letting me open her brain.  She is a Social Media Strategist and a damn good one.  Find her stuff there at Jacobs and also here at All Access.  You can email her:

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