Clay JD Walker: Country Imaging KILLER

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This is the first time I am featuring some of Clay’s work here on my site but you can hear a lot of his glorious Country imaging over on 360 Country or read his blog posts on our blog.  I have been lucky enough to be considered one of the good Country Imagers over the last few years.  I wont self deprecate, I am F&$*ing good.  BUT, make no mistake, there are a bunch more out there.  Many REALLY good country imaging folks, in fact.  I wont name them all but some that stood out to me are  Nick Allan in Seattle, Terry Phillips in Detroit, Kyle McCoy in Montana, Krash Kreative has a couple solid Country guys (names I dont know) and Andy Safnauer at Shortbus also stood out to me.  There are many, many more so don’t discount the format as using generic “throw-away” Imaging.

That said, I have proof!  Clay launched a station recently called “The Dog.”  Originally I thought, “are they kidding me?  The Dog?”  BUT listen to his first composite and see what you think.  He told me this is just a start to get things going and they have big plans and the sound will evolve from here.  He makes a couple choices I wouldn’t make (NOT wrong choices, just different) but you have to admit he is GOOD. I love his pacing, quality, grit and energy. The VO is actually Terry Phillips (mentioned above) and HE stood out to me too!  Solid work men.  Keep it up!


You may want to contact one or both of them to pay them money in exchange for great imaging.  If so, first, consider me 😉 then hit a link…



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