DFW Radio Archives: Audio!

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My good pal Chris Huff, who is literally THE radio encyclopedia (I dare you to test him someday if you get the chance), has updated his site.  DFW Radio Archives is an amazing resource for all things DFW radio. We’re talking year by year breakdowns of Market Landscape, Ratings history for over 9 decades from 5 different sources and of course the Record Books.  Now, perhaps with a modicum of assistance from yours truly, he has launched his audio archives section. He tells me “it is a work in progress”  but if you know Huff, perfection will be his goal and I am sure, like most of us, NOTHING is ever truly PERFECT.  So take a trip over there sometime and get lost in the history.  He also tells me that for now at least, he isn’t necessarily advertising that this section is open to the public.  SO, if you found the link here you should feel extra special…you know, more than the normal amount of special you feel for visiting my site 😉

Do I have to be from Dallas/Fort Worth to enjoy it?  NO WAY.

Do I have to be a radio nerd to enjoy it? ….well…maybe a little 😉

Can I buy a sweet mug with a 30 year old station logo on it?  You damn straight you can.

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