Episode 48 – P1 – Mitch Todd

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Mitch Todd gave me an hour and I took every second of it for this interview!  Mitch is the Senior Director of Production, Music Formats at Sirius XM Radio.  Actually I think “Marketing Director” is in there too but its so long I was certain I’d mess it up so I left it.  Mitch is a Pro who has worked at all levels, though most of them elevated, and now oversees a team of ultra-talented creatives in almost every music format imaginable. His day to day life is so interesting and dynamic to me and I hope with the impending Liberty…thing…none of that changes.  He brought a ton of insight and great advice to those looking to become employed.  Don’t forget to check out part 2 and he welcomes your emails as well.  mitch.todd@siriusxm.com


On the Paul McCartney Promo Mitch gives Production credit to (and intro VO) Jerry Rohira…who is also awesome.

One thought on “Episode 48 – P1 – Mitch Todd

  1. Great interview, Mitch is one of the best ..all around good guy. I need a Bryan Apple interview, he worked at Sirius with Mitch and many others.. amazing producer, with a great history, oh and my buddy. Ok nuff said.


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