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Well respected and deep-voice-having Chuck Matthews alerted me to this article about the (relatively) new Studio Bricks in action.  Studio Bricks is this pretty cool user assembled sound proof vocal booth system.  I love the design and evidently the function is very good.  The Author, Paul Strikwerda –, actually interviews Super-talent Mike Bratton who was lucky enough to be the first American to get this product.  He calls it “The deal of the century.”  Here is the very positive interview.  I saw the design a while back and thought they looked great but being made in Spain and brand new, were not yet available to us Yanks. Here is the original article from Paul if you missed it.

Here is the Official site.

I guess with some special communication they may be shipping internationally. So that is a good sign.  Mike’s price, at the very bottom of his article, was almost $3500 which is not as much as I thought they would be but thats with a big discount and shipping is unknown.  SO, for now if you have not seen this product check it out and contribute more info if you have it.  OR if you have purchased yours we would love to hear about it!  In the future, perhaps near, I will be in the market to consolidate the amount of space I want to sound-proof so this will be high on my list of options.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers, Ryan. The shipping costs for a Studiobricks cabin depend on your U.S. location. I’ve been told by the CEO that even with shipping included, a Studiobricks booth costs less than one of the more traditional carpeted boxes. Mind you, if you buy something like a double-walled WhisperRoom, you still have to add shipping and these things weigh a ton!

  2. Thanks Paul for your input on this too. The cost seems VERY good with shipping and ventilation. Ill do another update post when I compile all the info.

  3. Mine arrived in December and delivery to Ohio was around $5,200 total. Customs and delivery can really add up, but I still love the booth!

  4. I’ve been conversing with Guillermo but still waiting on an answer – what is the weight of a finally constructed ONE booth (I’m assuming the smallest) ?

    There’s someone in my city who has one he might be selling on which is 1.8m x 1.8m (w x d), 2m (h) which was custom made apparently.

    The biggest issue I have is that we live in a rental house which is older and based on brick stump foundations, with solid wooden floors then covered in carpet/underlay.

    My concern is the weight of the Studiobricks booth, it’s impact on the house and the carpet below.

  5. Hey Paul. If no one else has the answer I am interviewing mike Bratton who has a bricks setup in an apartment and may be able to help. If you find out update us here also

  6. Ryan,

    That’d be great – if I’m not monitoring this conversation, could you please let me know via [email protected] ?

    Guillermo did give a brief reply about people setting them up in newer places OK and a few with older houses having to put MDF spreaders down and getting structural engineers to evaluate….I so dearly need (and want) one and have an opportunity to purchase one but fearful the house might not be able to accomodate.

  7. Hey Ryan,

    Just saw this thread from a while ago and I have another question about the ventilation – I’ve gone ahead and got a custom built booth (steel fabricated) but I’m having issues with the airflow – there are baffles and cutouts at the bottom and top for airflow but I can’t find a fan that’s quiet – is the one that Studiobricks use their own brand ?

  8. Hey Paul…On that you would have to contact the company. As for a quiet fan in general I know that Dan Lenard has some cool DIY options he has displayed. Start here – – and then you will have to look for his contact for the videos on that kind of thing

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