Episode 49 – P1 – Ian Sturgeon

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Ian Sturgeon is the creative mind (and hands) behind Big Fish Worldwide.  I have been using his products since the day I originally found them which was about 2007.  In the world of Tech/Imaging that’s a long time! There are many reasons why Ian has achieved long-term success but a few of the many that top my list are: Creativity, Value and Quantity.  You get creative content at a GREAT price and lots of it!

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Ian is one of the nice guys in the biz but make no mistake, he is a solid business-man too.  I have personally taken some cues from him over the years on this side of things and I tried to squeeze some of his business strategy out of him in the interview too.  There is a part 2 so be sure to listen to that BUT for this episode (as mentioned in the intro) I shrewdly talked him into giving away some free stuff!  See below as all you have to do to get it is Tweet or Share this post.

This little “Pay with a Tweet or Post” thing is new to me.  Just trying to find easy ways for people to share the podcast and get something in return.  If you have any issues (I THINK it works) just tweet this post’s link and put @rdrean in there and I will send you a link!

Also, again as mentioned in the intro, Ian wanted me to offer 10 people a FREE month of his Big Fish weekly updates!  That’s right folks, mention this podcast and get free sounds, but only 10 of you… so be fast!!!

Here is Ian’s Site for all things Big Fish: http://www.bigfishworldwide.com/ 

4 thoughts on “Episode 49 – P1 – Ian Sturgeon

  1. I don’t want to enter the contest to win free FX as I’m already an extremely satisfied paying customer of Big Fish Worldwide. I just wanted to leave a testimonial to say that Ian’s sound design totally rocks and his weekly updates always over deliver. Thanks for tons of great content Ian and thanks Ryan for interviewing a LEGEND!

  2. Ian is a great guy and I´m an enthusiast for this work. Congrats for the interview!

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