Free Music: Extra AMERICAN!

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We posted some free music over on 360 Country and I wanted to make sure the vistors of this site are aware.  The short story is:  We will put up some content on the Soundcloud page from time to time.  If we post it there we will make it downloadable and if we make it downloadable, its FREE and CLEAR.  Use it where and when you want.  To kick it off I posted a pretty nice 360 Country Patriotic theme with 2 mix-outs.  No strings just take it and GO!

OK, don’t go just yet…perhaps you work in country radio and want to be signed up with the best Branding/Imaging service available, well you can do that too.  Email us!  [email protected]

BUT if you just want free music here is a link to the page or check out the player below.


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